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Residence . Aspen Greens, Gurgaon

Area 5000 sq. ft.

Status Complete // March 2022

Centered amidst the Aspen greens of Nirvana country, basking in the ample lushness, embracing sunlight, wide-open landscapes, and the dancing shadows of its natural surroundings, ‘Aangan’ is a residence well-endowed with a colorful, calming, and invigorating context. Sitting as a geometric puzzle in the center of a serene painting, this design is a give to the naturally occurring, organic needs of its users with its simplicity, minimalism, and voracious details serving the purpose of its context, inside.


The brief was a true design challenge in the making, consisting of an existing structure, planned to separate the public and private functions.  It was tackled with the aim of preserving the integrity of the existing structure while creating a welcoming space, generating greater amplitude and a plethora of natural lighting.

Photography Studio SuryaanDang

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