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Dot is the beginning and the end. Dot is also infinite.


With an inherent philosophy of creating effortlessly functional spaces which seamlessly array into an aesthetical structure: one that would harness a multitude of design ideas and ways of innovating them, Shubhit and Anmol started the studio in 2018.


In the last few years, we have successfully executed and delivered a varied range of projects from residential to office spaces, factories, and restaurants.




Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), USAP, IP University // 2016

Master In Advanced Architecture (MAA), IAAC, Barcelona // 2019

He enjoys eating pizza and cleaning the studio more than anything. Spending half his life in transit, he likes spending the other half at sites.

Shubhit Khurana.jpg



Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), USAP, IP University // 2016

International Design & Business Management (M.Des),

Hong Kong  Polytechnic University // 2018 

Strategic Design, TU Delft, Netherlands // 2019

Undying love for color, he’s has been adding quirk and life to the studio. In his free time, he keeps himself occupied by planning game nights and telling everyone about his sneaker collection (he has 4).

Vidhi Chopra.jpg



Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), USAP, IP University // 2022

Always looking for new ways to put her thoughts to paper, she can be seen illustrating and maneuvering between different softwares. For some reason, she thinks that productivity comes from standing while working.

Akash katnawar.jpg



Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), USAP, IP University // 2023

Usually a silent spectator, meandering across softwares and screens, he very keenly transforms vague thoughts to not so silent spaces. Never says no to snacks, caffeine and 'the office'.

Sejal Arora_edited.jpg


intern architect

Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), USAP, IP University // 2024

Firmly believes that architecture is all about problem solving and can be seen always sketching her ideas (which only she can understand). While she tries to thrive in the architectural world, she equally values her downtime, cherishing moments of relaxation and embracing her role as a devoted K-pop fan.

Suditi Malhotra.jpg



Bachelors in Design (B. Des), Indian Institute of Art and Design // 2024

Immense love for home décor and traveling. She is a passionate learner who eagerly embraces novel experiences. She is motivated to create environments that deeply connect with people and authentically reflect their unique identities. Furthermore, she sees this journey as an opportunity to uncover her own distinctive and personal design language.

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