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Basil Box

Restaurant . Emaya Mall, Paschim Vihar

Area 950sq. ft.

Status Complete // May 2023

Amidst the vast array of popular restaurant chains in the galleries of Emaya Mall, Basil Box emerges as a true testament of an entrepreneur’s dream- a space where the chef-turned-entrepreneur Kushal Gupta's passion for Italian cuisine can be savored by all. Serving as the flagship location for the brand, Basil Box's visual identity has been meticulously crafted throughout the establishment, emphasizing the principle of comfortable space zoning and fostering a seamless flow of interaction.

The overall spatial arrangement encompasses outdoor and indoor seating areas, both visually connected to the kitchen. Despite being located within the mall's interior, the outdoor seating exudes an exterior ambiance, achieved through the use of black powder-coated iron wireframe chairs and large colorful chipped terrazzo tile flooring. The ambiance of Basil Box is designed to transport guests to the inviting atmosphere of an Italian trattoria, where each visit becomes an immersive experience. This unique approach is reinforced by two slit windows that jut out of the terracotta-clad façade offering passersby a glimpse into the culinary artistry of the Italian kitchen. Terracotta tiles are adorned all over the façade and glide effortlessly inside to evoke a sense of tradition and identity.

Photography Abhay Khatri

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