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Blue Heaven Cosmetics

Factory . IMT Manesar, Haryana

Area 80000 sq. ft.

Status Complete // April 2021

This one has been the most intriguing project for us in recent times, the brief was to design a factory office for the administration and service design for the entire factory. The cumulative area for both the aspects came out to be around 80,000 sq. ft. 

For the Shop floors, after various design workshops with the managers, we arrived at layouts that prioritized seamless circulation and ensured ambient working conditions. Z-type aluminum partitions with glass ensured that the spaces are full of natural light, dark colors for the peripheral walls were chosen for ease of maintenance and to avoid staining from the products.

The services were planned and organized to ease future expansion for this cosmetic giant. Various efforts were made to make this a conscious design exercise and to give back to the environment. Underdeck insulation for the high heat dissipation areas, VRV systems for the entire facility, a TFA-connected fresh air system helped to make the space breathable, whereas, small-scale ETP and STPs were added to take off the load from the municipal services. 

Photography Studio 916

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