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Academic Work, IAAC, Barcelona

Students Anmol Arora, Kammil Carranza, Manan Jain

Faculty Edouard Cabay, Rodrigo Aguirre, Peter Geelmuyden 

The Sand Machine formed patterns by moving a magnet vessel on a bed of sand. This process was completely automated, and the machine was designed to work in perpetual motion. A feedback loop was added into the process through the use of sensors, which moved the gears on the machine.


The premise of the project was a port in which the primary variable is the ever-fluctuating stock market graph that affects the activity on the container port.


The maritime port welcomes large container ships and ferries carrying goods and merchants. Gantry cranes and a network of trucks further contribute to the transshipment of these goods. When the market is booming the volume of containers is high and as the stock market takes a dip, it results in fewer containers and hence leaving voids where various public activities can be accommodated. During these activities, the port allows public access.

The stock market in this design scenario was affected through the mapping of deflections of a magnet vessel from a sand machine. These values were mapped using a grasshopper script and governed the design. The video below shows how the deflections translated into the architectural plan over time.

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