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Residence . Gurgaon

Area 1,150 sq. ft.

Status Complete // July 2023

Nestled within Gurgaon's prestigious Escape Towers on the 18th floor, this captivating apartment envelopes a family of four in its warm embrace. Crafted with a discerning touch, the design weaves subtle, timeless materials into an ambiance of grace and comfort. Meticulously sculpted, every inch of space reflects thoughtful consideration.

Passing through the petite foyer, a curated world unfolds. A scoped-out console on one side and a concealed mandir on the other blend utility and spirituality seamlessly. The journey continues into the living area, embraced by a peripheral balcony, where sunlight dances and panoramic views unfold. Enriching this passage are intricate terracotta sculptures, making the corridor a prelude to artistic living.

Amidst panoramic views and curated details, this cozy haven stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of aesthetics and soulful living.

Photography Abhay Khatri 

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