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It's Showtime

Retail . Acetech 2023, New Delhi

Area 800 sq. ft.

Status Complete // December 2023

The Atcom Lighting booth at the 2023 edition of Acetech Exhibition, designed by Studio Dot, embraced a new identity dubbed "ShowTime." Departing from traditional product-centric displays, ShowTime aimed to elevate Atcom as a prominent brand, prioritizing visitor engagement and interaction.


This year, the booth underwent an evolution from its previous edition, emphasizing foot traffic and meaningful visitor interactions. Its design elements, including volumes, circulation, voids, product placements, colors, and signage, were meticulously crafted to foster human engagement and interaction. Rather than overtly promoting products, the booth focused on fostering conversations that allowed visitors to understand the essence of Atcom. This shift prompted reflection: How could we leave a lasting impression on visitors? How could we transcend the ordinary and make Atcom memorable?


Central to this endeavor was the creation of a captivating focal point within the booth—a dark room showcasing Atcom's star products, complemented by a whimsical twist behind a red velvet curtain. This transformative space, doubling as a photo studio, served as both an icebreaker and a memorable takeaway for visitors.


Rather than fixating solely on technical specifications, the focus shifted to demonstrating the transformative impact of Atcom's meticulously designed products. Collaborating with the talented artist Prityanshi, textured art adorned the walls, imbuing the space with warmth and character. At the heart of Showtime lay a philosophy that aimed at transcending mere exhibition and transforming the visitor's experience into an interactive journey.

Photography Abhay Khatri

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