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Kala Kriti

Retail . Patel Nagar, New Delhi

Area 650 sq. ft.

Status Complete // August 2022

Wedged into the dense urbanscape, Kala Kriti enjoys a wide front, facing a huge cluster of trees guarding it against the harsh sun. The rear is fairly narrow when compared to the front and gives the site a wedged form that later became the most exciting directive for us. The store was envisioned with the primary intention of enhancing experiences and prioritizing human interaction with the built environment. In a commercial context, this means strategically using design elements to elicit an emotional connection to a brand and immerse occupants in a narrative. One can get lost in the details of this space.


The function of the brand required users to spend hours discussing their vision, and their requirements, to ensure comfort we had to negate the impact of the gradually narrowing floor plate. Instead of going further with a linear approach we introduced curves and tried to create smaller envelopes of varied sizes and functions. The two prominent curves linked to each other formed the most crucial spaces i.e., the discussion space and a private cabin. To further tone down the dominating volume of the site, a careful color and material palette was chosen. The brass helped refine the space, whereas the very pastel green mellowed the curves.

Photography Avesh Gaur

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