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Office Space . DLF DSM Towers, Moti Nagar

Area 1700 sq. ft.

Status Complete // June 2021

Aheli is a workspace for an upcoming wellness brand in the commercial centre of New Delhi. The design takes clues from the brand principles of being environmentally sensitive, ever-evolving, and user-oriented. The zoning takes inspiration from the traditional Indian haveli wherein there is a central discussion space or an 'angan' with smaller entities along the periphery.


For the site is in a commercial tower with only one source of natural light, the cabins were placed such that we could have an uninterrupted influx of natural light into the entire space.

In essence, Aheli is a free-flowing space that encourages conversations, provides a pleasant atmosphere for the users, and encourages an environmentally sensitive approach in life.

Photography Studio SuryaanDang

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