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Long Finish

Restaurant . 32nd Milestone, Gurgaon

Area 350 sq. ft.

Status Complete // February 2023

As we walk through the streets of Gurgaon, our senses are awakened by the aroma of steaming noodles and the sound of chopsticks clacking against bowls. We follow our noses to Long Finish, a new ramen restaurant that has taken the city by storm. But it's not just the food that has people talking - it's the space itself.

As we look up, we see a fabric installation covering the entire ceiling, hiding the services of the restaurant. Rather than going for a generic lighting fixture, Studio Dot wanted to create mood lighting which could fill every corner of the space. The fabric, with its natural folds, helped to translate the texture of ramen into the space. The atmosphere is enhanced by the free-flowing fabric light that cascades down from the ceiling with a help of a metal mesh, giving the space a warm, inviting feel. This light, so soft and fluid, creates the perfect backdrop for enjoying a bowl of steaming ramen and conversation. As the sun sets and the stars come out, the fabric light of Long Finish cast a pleasant and welcoming glow throughout the space.

Long Finish is a place where time stands still, where every bite is savored, and where every moment is treasured. It's a space that has captured the hearts and imaginations of all who have visited it. And it's a space that will continue to inspire and delight for years to come. Long Finish is not just a restaurant - it's a work of art.

Photography Abhay Khatri

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