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The Vertex

Experience . Acetech 2022

Area 500 sq. ft.

Status Complete // December 2022

A kit of parts, the vertex was designed to ensure efficient assembly. With a tight timeline for both design and execution, the kiosk for Atcom was brought to life at the workshop and then carried to the exhibition grounds. Amongst thousands of brands, the challenge was to easily convey the brand’s essence with the space flowing along their new range of products.


The exhibition is high on traffic and to attract the same, the vertex was evolved keeping in mind all the visual axes that reinforce the ease of circulation and seem like an extension of the corridor. Placed at a rather interesting junction, open from three sides with a linear front and slightly shallow sides, the chamfered edges and a muted yet statement palate defines the vertex.


Walking by the kiosk, one is greeted with a plethora of minute details in terms of Atcom’s intrinsic products, the delicate and informative vinyl decals, carefully curated colors, and orchestrated materials. Starting from the entrance, the ceiling-suspended shelf is the first contact point for the users. The textured terracotta repeats over the space and helps mellow the impact of slightly dominating volumes. Upon entering, the user is directed to a space that motivates and pushes for conversation. 


After 4 successful days at the prestigious exhibition, the vertex was later dismantled and stored for future use. This happy story reinforced the importance of teamwork, passion, and vision. The two days of installation at the site were magical, the spirit of collaboration overtook everything.

Photography Abhay Khatri

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